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Quality Assurance Program

Through our long and sometime painful experience, we have learned, that Quality is not an Option. With 12 years of existence, we have become ‘wiser’ to ensure that that ‘quality’ is ingrained into Arhant organization culture.

Thus the following is our quality motto:

For us, ‘quality’ equals doing whatever it takes to see that smile of satisfaction in our clients. Every associate in Arhant Solutions is put through a rigorous quality program designed to ingrain quality into our basic behavior.

Quality means different things to different people, for us Quality means the following:

  • Every software quality assurance activities is planned.
  • The plan for the software quality assurance activities is committed to writing.
  • Team strictly follows the written plan
  • The Quality Assurance Plan contains measurable criteria that are used to determine whether the software is ready to be released.
  • Software quality assurance activities begins during software requirements activities or earlier.
  • A separate group for performing software quality assurance exists.
  • Members of that group are trained in how to perform soft¬ware quality assurance activities.
  • Responsibility of Quality Assurance is never delegated to the least senior programmer of the team
  • Adequate funding is provided for performing software quality assurance activities.
  • Defects are tracked from the beginning of the project.
  • Developers review all designs and code before the designs and code are considered complete
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