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Software Development Methodology

We strongly believe in the power of process. Well-defined development processes are absolutely essential elements of software development process. We believe with well-defined processes, team members can spend most of their time on productive work that moves the project steadily toward comple¬tion. With poorly planned processes, developers spend a lot of their time correcting mistakes.

We have understood through our long experience in the field that much of the leverage for project success is contained in upstream activities, and knowledgeable software stakeholders ensure that projects focus enough atten¬tion on upstream activities to minimize problems downstream.

The following are some of the examples of what process means to us:

Here are some examples of what I mean by "software processes:"

  • Committing all requirements to writing.
  • Using a systematic procedure to control additions and changes to the software's requirements.
  • Conducting systematic technical reviews of all requirements, designs, and source code
  • Developing a systematic Quality Assurance Plan in the very early stages of the project that includes a test plan, review plan, and defect tracking plan
  • Creating an implementation plan that defines the order in which the software's functional components will be developed and integrated. Developing miles stones for each feature or functional component. Listing down the detailed WBS for each activity to complete each of the milestone.
  • Estimating each activity wisely, involving the developer in the estimating process.
  • Preparing a detailed schedule with clear identification of critical activities
  • Revising schedule estimates as each major milestone is achieved. Milestones include the completion of requirements analysis, architecture, and detailed design as well as the completion of each implementation stage
  • Test everything, review every single code.

We follow the following planning checkpoint review. Thickness of the bar represents the quantum of involvement, priority and relative staff deployment at that point of project development cycle.

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