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We at Arhant Solutions carry a diverse approach towards our clients by helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging era. Our fundamental company values emerge from the understanding that our success is coupled with the success of our clients.

We carefully study each customer's case to understand the client's needs and objectives and convey a dependable solution. We believe in personal interface with our clients, making them aware of all available options and provide them with competent advice enabling them to take an informed business decision. Due to our small size, the top management involvement is more resulting in better output.

We understand the importance of smooth communication with clients. We lay high emphasis on quick turn-around and our clients vouch for our claim.

Our Project Managers have excellent communication skills and speak fluent English. The Project Managers at Arhant ensure that clients are abreast with the latest developments on their projects and provide regular updates on email. They are also available on Monday to Friday on MSN, Skype and phone to discuss feedback and ideas.

Our aim is to earn customer's trust and confidence through personal attention, passion for what we do and commitment to long-lasting relationship. We go that extra mile to deliver you a measurable business value and help you adopt and succeed on the internet.

Our software development facilities are equipped with the best networks, high-speed Internet connectivity, and latest software and hardware infrastructure. We also support dedicated centers of excellence & on-going high technology projects. In addition to the software development facilities, we also set up and manage offshore development centers, and offsite centers depending on the client's requirements.

We have the following ways of quoting on projects

1.Hourly : Our typical hourly wages are between US$10 - US$25 per hour depending on the complexity and nature of the job in hand. Rates vary with the kind of work we do and is generally different for Design, Programming and Project Management

2. Fix Cost : In case the requirements are clear and you have the project document requirement ready we can also give you a fix cost bid for your project based on the requirements 3. Man months : We can make an arrangement with you where we can have one or more of our team members work directly with you for the entire month. He/She would just be like your extended team, based here at Arhant. The typical prices here vary from $1000 per month to $2500 per month depending on the skills and experience.

Our design and engineering team is based in Nepal and we work 24 hours Mondays through Fridays.

Once the requirements is finalized, project questionnaires filled and the costs formally agreed to we start work by accepting a basic upfront payment. Typically we start work on your project within a week of receiving the first payment from you.

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