Software designed for the modern digital era.

Arhant Solutions offers software solutions to assist clients in streamlining their business operations, including their flagship product, Iensure life, Iensure general which offers complete policy management, underwriting, claims management, and reinsurance capabilities. They also provide additional software services such as financial and risk management, as well as mobile apps.


Our products simplify the insurance process.

We create insurance solutions that cover every step of the transformation process, including CRM and claims management. Our technology supports all types of insurance and is used globally as individual modules, integrated software solutions, and complete end-to-end platforms for both the back and front office.

By utilizing our tested solutions, insurance carriers, agents, brokers, ecosystem players, and customers are able to link with each other, resulting in a significant transformation of the insurance purchasing and selling process.

Life Insurance Solution

Iensure Life is an all-in-one insurance management software that aids life insurance companies in automating their insurance operations, simplifying procedures, and enhancing productivity.

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Core Life Benefits:

Insurance Aggregator

Arhant Solutions Insurance Aggregator Solution provides a user-friendly interface for customers to easily compare and purchase insurance policies from top providers. The platform includes various insurance products such as health, life, motor, and travel insurance.

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Insurance Aggregator Benefits:

General Insurance Solution

Arhant Solutions offers a highly flexible and scalable Iensure General that provides comprehensive insurance management capabilities. Their solution is customizable to meet the specific needs of your business, automating and optimizing insurance operations to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.

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Micro Insurance Solution

Iensure Micro is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing you to add new products or modify existing ones as your market evolves.

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